3. Start: Business Cards

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My idea for Airbnb business cards take two paths. While Airbnb Corporate needs to still be engaging they also need to still look professional, thus the business card for the corporate side of Airbnb would use a traditionally sized card, but it would be shaped like the Airbnb logo to give it that little bit of engagement. For the “business cards” the host families give the travelers however, the cards would be larger and less orthodox. In an early post I talked about how each country would have a different item to act as their spokesperson, now this item would be the shape of a large (post card size) business card. The card would display the image on one side and have lines for the family name, address, house description, phone number, family members, and pets. These cards would not ome filled in though. The visiting family would have to engage with the host family to fill in the blanks as shown in my example in slideshow.


One thought on “3. Start: Business Cards

  1. Cassie, you are off to a GREAT start! Journal work is looking good; you’re coming up with unique ideas; you’re connecting to Airbnb and engaging – home run! I like the post 1 idea a lot and really love post 2! Keep you the good work.


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