5. Story: Dr. Suess


Idea: An animation would match up with the following poem.

Poem:  Thing One and Thing Two wanted to Visit the Zoo

So we packed up the car to go very far.

We drove all day and into the night,

And needing accommodations we turned to the Airbnb Site.

We found a place to rest our eyes and wait for the Zoo to come alive.

Soon we were at the house,

Belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Klaus.

And together, with their son Bill,

We were all soon gathered, enjoying a meal.

Late into the evening we played and we spoke,

In fact we were up until day broke.

The sun was up and so was the Zoo,

So once again in the car with Thing One and Thing Two,

We waved goodbye to our new friends,

for our adventure was far from it’s end.



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