6. Story: Goldilocks


Idea: So this idea would play off of the traditional Goldilocks story but with different accommodations instead of bed/oatmeal/whatever else. So Goldilocks would be staying in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee and would first stay at a cheap, gross motel and wake up exclaiming “This place is too gross”.  Then she’d get a hotel and the staff would be standoffish and the experience would be impersonal so she’d say “This place is too withdrawn”. Then the next night she’d stay with a host family with Airbnb and enjoy her time and wake up to say “This place is just right”.



One thought on “6. Story: Goldilocks

  1. Cassie, your first 6 posts show you can succeed in this class. Don’t fall behind as that makes things so difficult and takes all the fun out. Your work shows great promise, don’t let it slide.


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