9. Defining and Redefining Engaging: Jason Vorhees


This idea is based on a parody style with a humorous intention. The idea is for a commercial in which a man goes on a hunting trip and stays with Airbnb. In the commercial the host family he stays with is picked off slowly by Jason Vorhees, the masked horror icon. At the end, the narrator would say would say “When you stay with Airbnb, there are more people to buy you time to escape Jason” and show the man being the last survivor and speeding away from the cabin in the woods. Above is a draft of the script. Below is the (typed) final draft.



Narrator: The scene opens on a hunter staying at a cabin in the woods with a family via Airbnb. They sit around the kitchen table, the man and his host family, The Louis’s, enjoying some duck the hunter had found earlier that day.

(The camera pans around the table showing the hunter, a father, a mother, and two teenage sons)

Narrator: Unbeknownst to the family, a mysterious figure lurks in waiting. They only discover the danger they are all in when the figure finds his way into the cabin and kills one of the sons during dinner.

(you see a hatchet, hear a scream, and screen goes black)

Narrator: The figure kills each member of the family one by one.

(The screen flashes to images of the family hiding in different places, having one less member of the group each time)

(The last scene is the hunter in his pickup truck driving away, watching Jason kill the father in the rearview mirror)

Narrator: When you stay with Airbnb, there are more people to buy you time to escape Jason

(The last thing you see is the bumper of the truck as it speeds away, proudly displaying an Airbnb bumper sticker)



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