23. Ignore 3rd Criteria: Promo Code Coupon

This idea is also not very original but it follows the idea that companies mail coupons to loyal customers. In this idea, Airbnb would send these coupons to anyone who has stayed Airbnb more than once in the last 6 months. The coupon gives the customer the choice of promo code. They can choose option one and book two nights and get a 3rd night free and expires within a few months. Or they can choose the second option which requires them to stay 10 nights with Airbnb at anytime before December 31st. If they do this and use the promo code they will receive 2 free nights as well as be entered in a raffle where a lucky person will be chosen to receive their dream vacation for free.

Here’s a video of the coupon I designed and the mailing package it comes in:


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