24. Ignore 3rd Criteria: Old Fashioned Commercial

For this ad I spent time looking into vintage ads designed an ad which utilized some of the techniques that used to be used. A lot of the ads featured testimonials and songs so I decided that my ad would feature a famous singing duo and have them sing a short song. The ad would also run in black and white white the actors and singers are dressed in vintage clothing to give it that old timey vibe. Hopefully this would relate well to older generations and the famous singers would attract the younger generations.


Here’s the song:

Girl:  I have a spare room not being used,

I’m falling behind on rent and confused


How do I make extra money

so I don’t lose my place

If only there was a website

where I could rent out my extra space


Guy: There is!

Just go to Airbnb.com to look and see

anyone can rent out their extra space, even you and me


People reserve our bed,

come by and rest their head

Then in the morning they leave

and pay us a fee


Girl: We should rent out our space on Airbnb!


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