50. Otherness: Monster Airbnb

How would monsters host Airbnb? What would their homes look like? I pulled inspiration from my English Lit class to come up with each monster home/personality.

Grendel: In Grendel, Grendel wants to befriend the humans so I believe he would overly try to make nice with his guests. He’d probably bake and try to have long conversations with them. His home would be a cozy cabin in the woods.

Frankenstein’s Monster: He also tries to make nice with the humans but ends up scarring them away more so. He tries to give back to the family he steals from so I believe he would be a gracious host, constantly cooking and cleaning to take care of his guests. All he would ask is that they clean up after themselves.

Jekyll/Hyde: Jekyll and Hyde would be strange hosts. Sometimes more friendly than others. Their home would be pure white, clean, spotless. But the office and bedrooms would be a complete disaster zone.


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