50. Otherness: Monster Airbnb

How would monsters host Airbnb? What would their homes look like? I pulled inspiration from my English Lit class to come up with each monster home/personality.

Grendel: In Grendel, Grendel wants to befriend the humans so I believe he would overly try to make nice with his guests. He’d probably bake and try to have long conversations with them. His home would be a cozy cabin in the woods.

Frankenstein’s Monster: He also tries to make nice with the humans but ends up scarring them away more so. He tries to give back to the family he steals from so I believe he would be a gracious host, constantly cooking and cleaning to take care of his guests. All he would ask is that they clean up after themselves.

Jekyll/Hyde: Jekyll and Hyde would be strange hosts. Sometimes more friendly than others. Their home would be pure white, clean, spotless. But the office and bedrooms would be a complete disaster zone.


49. Otherness: Holi

In this idea Airbnb would promote the traveling to India to celebrate the colored powder holiday Holi. The promotion would encourage people to not only stay Airbnb to get the full experience but it would also engage the people in the culture and tradition of the holiday.

47. Otherness: Airbnb poem Radio Ad

Thsi idea is for a short Airbnb radio ad presented as a poem:


Whether you go near or far,

Travel by train or by car,

No matter if your stay is short or long,

if you’re alone or brought others along…

No problem sleeping at night or day,

Airbnb is the place to stay

Because both for work and for rest,

Airbnb is the very best!

46. Otherness: Airbnb Board Building

This idea is for a community give back. Airbnb focuses on building connections are tearing down walls so once a month they’ll help the community by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and building walls and connections. I designed a sign for the board members to put of their office doors to remind other staff.

44. Having Fun: Cards

This idea focuses on each Airbnb location having a deck of playing cards but instead of the Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, the cards would feature parts of the Airbnb logo: people, Love, Airbnb, and location.

(add photos after phone charges a bit)