43. Fun: Trivia Game

The idea for this post would be for Airbnb to sponser as segment on Jeopardy for the questions to be about them. Questions would include the founding year, founding city, how funds were raised and how much it’s currently worth.



42. Having Fun: Sports Team Matching

No one wants to travel Airbnb to go see the big game just to find out their host cheers for the other team. That’s why Airbnb would start a team matching service for big games so you choose who to stay with based on their team selection. I designed the website, above.

41. Have Fun: Stingrays


In this idea Airbnb would bring back Hockey to San Francisco by starting a NHL team names the San Francisco Stingrays. It would engage community spirit back and allow them to advertise during games and on signs around rink.

40. Random Starting Place: Airbnb Passport

In this idea, Airbnb would put out a “passport” of sorts where a random host is chosen to start with it then they hand it off to their next guest, guest gives it to their next host, and so on and so forth. Airbnb would, after so many months, take the passport book back and see how far the book traveled. Every person to have the book fills out two pages about themselves.

39. Random Starting place: Hiking Boots


This idea plays off the pizza hut sneakers. You push a button and it orders a pizza (ad below in case you don’t know what I am talking about). These would be hiking boots that people could bluetooth to their Airbnb app where they set up filters. When the button is pushed, it will automatically book the nearest Airbnb room that matches your filters.

38. Group of 3: Instagram

This idea is for Airbnb to open an instagram account so that their guests can share their experiences and search for their next destination. This engages guests in an airbnb community and allows them to think about where they want to go next.

An email would be sent to guests upon their return home to get them to participate. It would read

Dear valued Airbnb guest,

We hope you enjoyed your recent stay with us and had a great time on your trip. If you have any pictures or interestign stories we’d love four you to share them onto our instagram page so we can see and share with the Airbnb community.

As always thanks for staying with us and we can’t wait to see you again,

Airbnb (insert Airbnb logo)